Individually Guaranteed


The premium technical closure for sparkling wines.

VINC is a line of TCA taint free (1) micro-agglomerated corks that are produced exclusively from 100% Cork Supply controlled raw material and state-of-the-art individual molding technologies. The VINC product line is also a result of the new, improved VAPEX® disinfection process. VAPEX® is a batch disinfection process that reduces TCA on cork granules through effective mass and heat transfer.

A natural choice for those who prefer technical:

    • - 75% cork (weight) / 95% cork (volume);
    • - Negative carbon footprint;
    • - Superior gas retention;
    • - Homogeneous and superior performance;
    • - Individual TCA Guarantee;
    • - Sensory neutrality.



Download the PDF file to access the technical information of this product.


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