Individually Guaranteed

DS100+ Natural Cork

The DS100+ natural cork is individually inspected and guaranteed to be TCA taint-free*, making it another premium option for some of the most prestigious wines in the world. While the DS100 service is total sensory guarantee and eliminates corks with any off-aroma, the DS100+ technology eliminates natural corks that have TCA levels above 1ng/L.

With the success of DS100, we challenged ourselves to develop a technology that could automatically detect TCA in natural corks. A technology that could increase production capacity for individually guaranteed TCA taint-free* natural corks, while maintaining the non-destructive and non-invasive principles developed in our DS100 service. 

The DS100+ technology guarantees that each individual cork in a lot is 100% TCA taint-free* by rejecting any natural cork that has TCA levels above the sensory threshold. 

The DS100+ technology guarantees an efficient screening of 100% of corks in a lot, while resulting in a competitively priced natural cork for the market.



  • - 100% TCA taint-free*;
  • - Corks are processed by an automated and fast TCA detection technology;
  • - 100% of corks in lot are inspected individually;
  • - Negative carbon footprint;
  • - Bottle Buy Back Guarantee is offered.


* see technical product sheets for more information

Download the PDF file to access the technical information of this product.


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