Individually Guaranteed

Legacy Natural Cork

Legacy is the result of several Cork Supply innovations, including the new and patented X100 technology.

This patented and certified technology allows for individual analyses of 100% of the natural closures of a batch so as to eliminate abnormal cases of oxygen ingress that cannot be detected and eliminated by other existing physical methods. The X100 analyzes the internal structure of natural closures and detects the anomalous cases that can allow for the ingress of 10 times more oxygen than other closures, “characteristics” that are not visible to the naked eye on the outside of the closure.

This new X100 technology is applied to the natural cork closure after being subjected to the TCA (molecule responsible for the “musty” aroma) detection technologies DS100 and DS100+, also developed by Cork Supply in the last decade.

The result of this integrated process is Legacy, the most consistent natural closure on the market, individually classified, and with a bottle buy back guarantee.

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