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The most consistent Natural Cork in the market

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Cork is without doubt the material of choice for stoppers of quality wines. They protect from oxidation at the same time as they allow the transfer of oxygen suitable for their ageing.

Produced through highly sustainable methods that simultaneously protect several wild species, they are the choice with the least environmental impact of all the alternatives for wine.

Mother Nature already delivers us an almost perfect product. Thanks to the innovative practices we apply in our corks, the standard of quality and reliability becomes even higher.

The unmatched combination of quality, performance and sustainability makes Cork Supply's natural cork the best choice for 21st century wines.

Innovation & Quality

From forest to the bottle, and every small step in between, the innovative spirit of Cork Supply extends well beyond the realm of cork, playing a key role in our pursuit of continuous improvement in all we do.

A more sustainable future

Today more than ever a successful business must be sustainable and contribute to the renewal of the planet.

We recognize and support the significant and growing body of scientific data that points to important environmentally and socio-economically sustainable advantages of natural cork and cork forests that the wine industry's use of natural cork conserves and sustains. We are fundamentally committed to continuous improvement through perpetual examination and refinement of our own, and our industry's, best practices, and knowledge.


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