Individually Guaranteed


The DS100 Natural cork is our most premium cork closure for still wines and is seen in some of the most prestigious wines in the world. The natural corks are carefully selected and the DS100 service gives these corks the maximum guarantee of sensory neutrality. Every DS100 cork is screened by our panel of trained sensory specialists to ensure that the corks are free of TCA* and any other off aroma, making these corks truly unique in the market.

DS100 consists of a non-destructive and non-invasive analysis that is carried out by a panel of trained sensory specialists. The panel analyze 100% of the corks in a lot and reject any cork with a sensory deviation due to TCA or other off-aromas.

After the corks have been in a controlled environment for 24 hours, the corks are analyzed sequentially by three different trained sensory specialists. Should one of the panelists detect TCA or another off-aroma in any single cork, the cork is rejected and removed from the lot.

  • - Since 2011 - the first natural cork free of releasable TCA* in the market;
  • - Total sensory gurantee - free of releasable TCA* and any other off-aroma;
  • - Sensory analysis carried out by trained sensory specialists;
  • - 100% of corks in a lot are inspected;
  • - Negative carbon footprint;
  • - Bottle Buy Back Guarantee is offered.


* see technical product sheets for more information. 

Download the PDF file to access the technical information of this product.


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