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Non-invasive technology that screens 100% of natural corks

First to market with a revolutionary technology in OTR screening

The X100 is an inhouse proprietary electromagnetic imaging technology that Cork Supply developed with external partners. It screens the internal structure of natural corks for features that can’t be seen on the outside of the cork and then correlates the internal structure of the cork with its Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR).

By employing advanced imaging techniques for internal structure analysis in conjunction with sophisticated deep learning algorithms, X100 has proven effective in identifying corks with high OTR values from the regular OTR distribution found in natural corks. The technology detects outliers that can allow up to 5 - 10x more oxygen ingress than other corks.

This technology is certified and validated by the UvaMox laboratory in Spain.

X100 is exclusively dedicated to the most premium natural cork product in our portfolio — Legacy

As a part of our commitment to our customers, we are the first company in the industry to offer a Bottle Buy Back guarantee. If any of our customers receive a cork taint claim on any bottle sealed with our Legacy natural cork, we will buy the bottle back for the retail release price of the wine. Please reach out to your sales consultant to learn more details on the Bottle Buy Back Program.

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