About us

For four decades Cork Supply has been leader in the fields of Investigation, Development and Innovation. Every day the teams are driven to develop new ways of improving upon our products and services, to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. 

Our Group

The Cork Supply Group changed its name to Harv 81 Group, underlining the founding of the group in 1981, and the starting point of a culture of expertise within the winemaking industry.

With our deep commitment to quality, we support the wine and spirits producers, providing consistent and reliable solutions at our companies Cork Supply, Tonnellerie Ô (oak barrels and oak alternatives) and Studio Labels (labels).

From the same beginning, moved by the same principles, we are the same shareholders, the same companies, with the same innovative drive.

We are experts in Closures, Oak and Labels.

We are Harv 81 Group.

Read more about the Harv 81 Group here

Where we are

“They always put their customers first and their dedication to quality is simply on a different level. You can see that in their facilities, in their products and in their teams. They have really set the bar high for the rest."

Daou Family Estates

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