Work hard, Play hard

At Cork Supply, we are much more than a cork closure supplier; we are like a family sharing a common DREAM:  To be the most respected partner in the premium wine and spirits industry.

Our SPIRIT is reflected in the motto "Work hard, Play hard". We believe in a balanced approach that promotes energy, in both our dedication to quality and our enthusiasm for life. This dual commitment lies at the core of our identity, and we endeavour to share it with everyone.






The fundamental BELIEFS that guide us.

In leading by example

We believe in setting the benchmarks that others aspire to achieve.

Customer service is dead, we believe in Customer love

While some may see customer service as a transaction, we see it as a relationship built on love and care.

In always challenging the status quo to create great products and services

Mediocrity has no place in our vocabulary. We constantly push the limits so as to create exceptional products and services.

Curiosity and openness to change is vital to our growth

Understanding that change is vital for our growth, we embrace it and foster an environment where curiosity thrives.

In creating an exciting, safe and joyful work enviornment

We promote a stimulating, safe, and joyful workplace where creativity flourishes.

In inspiring people to do what they love

We aim to inspire people to pursue their passions, both within and beyond our organization.

Our existance is dependent on sustaining the trees that are the Foundation of our products

Our existence is bound to the trees that form the basis of our products, and we are committed to conserving them.

In investing in focused growth, while managing the business prudently and sensibly

We believe in guided growth, managing our operations with care and sensitivity.



Nine pillars define our CHARACTER:



















In everything we do, our FOCUS is clear: Make a Difference.

At Cork Supply, we are shaping experiences, defining tastes, and contributing to the legacy of those who value the exceptional. Our commitment to making a difference goes beyond the products we create - it is reflected within our organization, making a positive impact on the lives of our colleagues, fostering a culture of growth, care, and inspiration.

Join us on this journey where dreams come true, spirits are uplifted, and the pursuit of excellence is not merely a goal; it is a way of life. At Cork Supply, we are not just manufacturing products; we are creating a legacy.


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