About us


Cork Supply was founded in 1981 by Jochen Michalski in Northern California's renowned wine region. In the three decades since, our company, under Jochen's pioneering leadership, has expanded staff and operations around the globe, delivering our standard-setting quality products, service and expertise locally to wineries throughout the world's premier wine growing areas.


Our story began in California in the vintage of 1981. At the time we were operating as a supplier of corks to the US market, and set up our own finishing plant locally.


10 years later we opened a similar finishing plant in Australia, and began supplying finished cork stoppers to this market.


We opened the first quality control laboratory in the cork industry.


In 1995 we entered the South African market and set up a finishing plant locally. 1995 also marks the year that we began producing natural cork stoppers in Portugal.


In 1997 we started a comercial partnership with Nomacorc in the US and Australian markets.


We set up sales operations in the European markets of France and Spain.


Argentina was our next stop, taking Cork Supply to South America.


Italy was the next European country where we set established a sales operation.


China welcomed us in 2015 to set up finishing operations for a growing wine market.


We ventured into manufacturing technical corks of the highest quality in 2016. Enabling us to offer a full range of cork based closures that all have unparallel standards of quality.

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