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Quality Control

Quality from Forest to Bottle since 1981

Cork Supply has a long standing reputation in the wine industry for being industry leaders in Quality Control and Research and Development. Through our significant investment in these areas we have changed the way that the industry at large operates, pushing for more rigorous and demanding production and control processes.

Our game changers:

  • The most developed Quality Control in the industry ;
  • Significant investment in Research and Development projects that have changed the industry;
  • 15% of the group's employees are dedicated to QC and R&D.


Dedicated in-house Labratory                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • 24/7 operational lab;
  • Performs dedicated analysis for customers;
  • Sensory + Chromatography analysis (Dual check): each 30K corks are submitted to a sensory evaluation +3 TCA screening twice before shipment, hence 6 TCA analysis minimum per lot.





  • All natural corks go through the patented CS process that extracts TCA and other off aromas from natural cork;
  • This is a standard part of of our cork manufacturing process.


logo vapex tm3

100% of the granules used in the production of micro-agglomerated corks are processed by VAPEX:

  • This desinfection process effectively extracts TCA and other off aromas from cork granules by using pressured stream;
  • The disinfection system per bacth provides the most effective treatment for granules, resulting in maximum sensory neutrality and a homogenous performance.


logo DS106



  • All natural corks are inspected for off-aromas, including TCA, using our non-destructive dry soak method;
  • This is an extra service, and not a part of our manufacturing process;
  • Bottle Buy Back program – maximum guarantee in which we reimburse the customer for any bottle with taint problems.


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