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Alpha™ corks from Cork Supply are among the most organoleptically clean and aesthetically pleasing corks available.

The proprietary cleaning process we use for Alpha corks removes volatile compounds from the corkwood, resulting in natural corks that are sensorially neutral. Alpha corks also undergo a mild wash solution of hydrogen peroxide (an ideal antiseptic and cleansing agent), after which they are rinsed thoroughly in purified water. A citric acid solution removes any residual oxidants. Finally, Alpha corks are carefully dried to stabilize the moisture to discourage microbial growth and ensure optimum sealing performance.

Alpha corks have excellent surface disinfection to protect against microbial growth during shipment and storage, and minimal cork dust.

Each Alpha cork has the critical added advantage of Innocork®, our patented extraction procedure that uses steam and ethyl alcohol to effectively volatilize potential TCA (and other off-aroma) molecules from the cell structure of natural cork.

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