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Natural Corks

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For centuries, natural cork has been the closure material of choice for quality wines. Lightweight, inert, impermeable to liquids and gasses, compressible and elastic, natural cork is time-tested and proven to effectively seal glass bottles — protecting wine from oxidation while enabling optimum oxygen transfer needed for wine to mature. The remarkable physical and mechanical properties of natural cork make it an ideal closure for all winemaking styles, grape varietals and desired aging.

Natural cork is also 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Cork production is eco-friendly and sustainable. Punched from renewable, responsibly harvested bark of the cork oak (Quercus suber), no trees are cut down. Corks have the smallest carbon footprint of any standard wine closure, and the forests their use preserves provide our planet critical ecological services, reducing CO2 greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere while sustaining an abundance of fragile habitat and wildlife.

Cork Supply improves on Mother Nature's perfection, using applied innovation and exacting standards to deliver the highest benchmark of consistency and quality assurance at every step from forest to bottle. In addition to ensuring the corkwood we use to produce our corks passes industry-best TCA-testing requirements, every natural cork we deliver has the critical added advantage of Innocork®, our patented extraction procedure that uses steam and ethyl alcohol to effectively volatilize potential TCA (and other off-aroma) molecules from the cell structure of natural cork.

This unmatched combination of quality, performance and sustainability makes natural cork from Cork Supply the natural choice for wines of the 21st century.

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