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Choosing the Right Closure

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With so many different wine closures in the market to choose from — and so much debate accompanying them — choosing the right one for your wine may feel a bit daunting.

At Cork Supply, we make it our mission to be expertly versed in the strengths and idiosyncrasies of all significant types of wine closures. And we pride ourselves in offering accurate, objective and meaningful recommendations regarding all your options.

We understand that no two varietals, winemakers, brands or markets are the same. In our view, the only 'perfect' closure is the one that is right for you. By which we mean, the solution that most effectively satisfies your individual priorities — from budgeting, to quality, to technical performance, to winemaking style, to sustainability, to brand positioning, to sell-through, to consumer satisfaction.

Whichever closure you choose, you can rest assured Cork Supply will provide you the industry's finest quality product, service and support. Contact Cork Supply before you decide, and let us give you the expert advice, guidance and reassurance you deserve.

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