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Rivercap™ Tin Capsules

Rivercap™ tin capsules from Cork Supply are crafted as a nine-stage deep drawn shell from a single-piece of pure high-grade tin to ensure an elegant, flawless finish.Six-color (or two-color registered) side printing, plus high-resolution top printing and/or embossing, completes the finest in customized capsule design.

Other advantages include high scuff-resistance, flexible product dimensions, tear strip and pull tab options, and compliance with CONEG heavy metal limits.

Cork Supply also keeps an inventory of select standard "stock" tin capsules on hand locally, to fulfill your urgent bottling needs.

Technical Specifications

Length 30mm to 75mm available
Material Soft malleable tin that does not harden on application
Gauges in 10 micron increments from 80 to 140
*To determine correct micron gauge for your bottle application, please discuss this with your account representative
Process 9 stage deep drawn shell offers flawless finish of final product
Decorative Options High resolution top embossing and/or printing
Capsule skirt printing (up to 6 colors or 2 registered colors)
Minimum print run 10,000 units
Stock items 80 micron, 28.75mm: Semi-Matte Black, Satin Blue, Copper, Regular Gold, Shiny Gold, Satin Green, Satin Red, Bright Red, Silver, Yellow
80 micron, 29.5mm: Semi-Matte Black, Copper, Regular Gold, Satin Red
100 micron, 31.5mm: Semi-Matte Black, R
Certification Complies with CONEG toxic heavy metal limits
EAN Code

Download PDF: Stock Tin Capsule Color Chart 

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