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Our Facilities

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Our North American headquarters (CSU) is located in a brand new Cork Supply facility in Northern California. Designed and constructed in  2008 to raise our industry-leading quality standards to even higher heights, our energy-efficient 100,000 ft2 facility houses a modernized 25,000 ft2 cork finishing plant designed to handle 1.5 million corks per day, a 43,000 ft2 controlled inventory warehouse, and a 12,000 ft2 office space comprising a welcoming customer service center and a state-of-the art laboratory dedicated to research and development and quality assurance. It is also home base for our expert sales team, who are joined by local sales managers based in the Pacific Northwest, East Coast and Canada.

Every shipment of natural cork that CSU receives from our own Cork Supply production facilities in Portugal must pass the industry's strictest quality assurance regime — both in Portugal and at CSU — before we will accept them into our inventory. Even then, they continue to be subjected to thorough, documented quality assurance monitoring at every step on their way from our inventory to our customers. This includes on-premise SPME-GC/MS testing in our laboratory's microbiologically controlled "clean room" and additional technical testing, sensory and grading areas. All incoming and outgoing corks are methodically checked and graded for sensory characteristics, physical dimensions and overall quality using standard-setting 21st century best practices.

Along with our trademark quality assurance and customer service, we provide:

Finishing of Natural, Technical and Sparkling Corks

  • Sorting
  • Dedusting
  • Custom Printing & Fire Branding
  • Moisturizing
  • Pre-Bottling Treatment
  • Sterilized Packaging

Delivery of Stock & Custom Synthetics, Screw Caps, Capsules and Bar Tops

  • Product Specification
  • Color Matching
  • Artwork Management

All Cork Supply products are delivered with expert logistics, product care and technical support.

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