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Like grape growing and wine making, the cultivation, harvest and production of natural corks for wine closures is an artisan craft steeped in  centuries of culture and pride. Like the wines they close, natural corks have achieved great progress in quality and consistency thanks to the intelligent application of advanced scientific discovery and development.

Indeed, while our customers have spent years in the vineyard and cellar perfecting the wine they put in their bottles, Cork Supply has spent decades in the forest and lab pioneering breakthrough refinements in natural cork to finish these bottles.

In fact, the innovative spirit of Cork Supply extends well beyond the realm of cork, encompassing the world's foremost quality alternatives to natural cork. An early champion of high-performance synthetic closures for appropriate applications, Cork Supply trail blazed America's and Australia's New World distribution of Nomacorc — now the wine industry's leading synthetic closure. Likewise, we've invested our top-of-the-bottle expertise in bringing to market a landmark array of modern, premium bottle finishes, including designer capsules and screw caps, all handpicked by Cork Supply for their best-in-class quality and performance.

Our customers know first-hand that our specialized top-of-the-bottle concentration, our promise to deliver the utmost quality in everything we do, and our passionate, progressive, scientific pursuit of continuous improvement are quintessential hallmarks of Cork Supply.

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