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The Vapex® Process

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Technical corks from Cork Supply have the added critical advantage of Vapex® — a proven distillation process that effectively extracts TCA (2,4,6-trichloroanisole) from cork granules, before the granules are made into technical corks. Using pressurized steam, Vapex volatizes TCA molecules potentially in cork granules, ensuring that only the cleanest quality neutral corkwood is used to produce our technical corks.

How Vapex Works

Raw quality-grade cork granules enter a pressurized system, through which temperature-controlled steam is continuously pumped. As the heated water vapor flows through the granules, TCA molecules potentially in the cell structure of the cork granules are displaced by water molecules and distilled, along with excess water vapor, out through vents. In the end, ultra-clean cork granules emerge ready to be made into high-quality technical corks.


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The Vapex Advantage

With Vapex, technical corks from Cork Supply deliver true value — without sacrificing quality or performance. Formed using a blend of ultra-clean natural cork granules and a flexible food-grade approved binder, these highly elastic closures provide a neutral, dependable seal, plus easy extraction and reinsertion. Vapex is one more reason major wine brands around the world trust in the proven quality of technical corks from Cork Supply as an economical way to protect their wines and provide their customers a satisfying experience comparable to whole natural corks.

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