“For Cork Supply, sustainability is at the core of
who we are and how we do business.”

Jochen Michalski

Download our Sustainability report here.

Harvesting for the Future

TWe align ourselves with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with the aim of having a better impact on the local communities and economies of the countries we operate in.

To ensure that we have a global strategy that is in alignment with other global entities and truly impactful, we use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the base for our strategy. Every and any action that we develop is associated to one, or more, of the UN’s SDGs.



At Cork Supply we understand that Operations management plays an important role in delivering positive results. In 2012 Cork Supply initiated a LEAN KAIZEN Roadmap towards Operational Excellence. This Long-term thinking is transforming the organization into a LEAN company focused on the principles of respect for people and society, continuous improvement, and process improvement.

Harvesting for the Future – 3P Strategy

As a company with a global scale we have an even larger responsibility to care for the future.

Today, in everything that we do, we are focused on being better in these core areas where we can have a more significant impact.

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